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Optimise your menu and gain valuable insight from your customers.

Fill the information below to complete your account setup.

1. Select an option for managing orders.

2. How do you want to get paid?
Add the bank account associated with your business to receive weekly pay-outs. Your banking information is secure. Use the full first and last name of the account holder as it appears on your bank statement, please do not use abbreviations. E.g., use Dora Andrews, Bill Smith, but don’t use D Andrews, Mr B Smith.

3. Order pick-up instructions

4. When would you like to start selling on Mealish?
Restaurants usually open a week after account setup. If you need extra time, you can set a preferred date.

5. Add your menu.

We'll use this information to create your online menu within 7 days. Once it's ready, you'll have the ability to make edits. To assist us in ensuring accuracy, please make sure each item includes a price, available time, and menu category.

📥Download and use the default Menu Template

6. Update your invoice information
Set up your invoice information, so you are prepared for the tax season.

7. Documents
These documents help ensure that you can operate on Mealish based on your restaurant setup.

Why Mealish?

Deliver your way

We provide flexible options that can be tailored to your specific requirements. You may commence by utilising your own delivery personnel or by engaging with delivery personnel via the Mealish platform.

Connect with customers

Our offerings are flexible so you can customise them to your needs.

Boost your visibility

All meals in your menu should be given a chance to shine. Let Mealish help you improve your offerings to an ever-changing customer base.