Supercharge your revenue

Mealish analyses your menu, ingredients, meal reviews, and meal ratings. This enables us to generate personalised meal recommendations for our customers based on unique factors such as customer preferences, dietary needs, budget, and location.


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Why Mealish?

Increase your reach and revenue

  • You can count on increased revenue.
  • Reach customers up to 7 miles away, giving you access to new audience, with a stress-free and satisfying meal planning experience for your customers.

Build a community of customers with a sustainable workforce

  • Our customers schedule meals up to 1 week in advance, giving you meal preparation planning and forecast abilities so you can reduce food wastage.
  • Free dine-in suggestions for your customers, improving the dining experience whether they dine in or order takeaway.

We offer premium support and marketing

  • Our service includes a dedicated representative you can contact.
  • Get actionable insights from customers’ meal ratings and reviews on how your meals are performing relative to the market and changing food trends.
  • Plus, you can promote new and unpopular meals to both new and existing customers.

Made in Sheffield. Made for restaurants.

Mealish was established in Sheffield with the aim of enhancing the dining experience and services provided by restaurants. We hold the firm belief that the utilisation of data and analytics will play a pivotal role in driving substantial growth for small and medium enterprises in the coming years. Our objective is to expedite the realisation of your success story, and we are proud to be at the forefront of this endeavor.

Together, we can build a stronger community

Let’s come together to build strong and lasting connections with all those who share our vision of a healthy and prosperous community. We are all in!

Our Meal Plans

We build meal plans for our customers using their likes, dislikes, allergies and dietary requirements.
Personalised meal plans are generated in seconds and are flexible, meaning customers can update on the go.

No limitation.

Optimise your calorie intake. The required calorie intake per day for women is 2,000 kilo-calories a day and 2,500 for men.

Only plant based meals.

Only halal meals.

All meals excluding meat.

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